Deniz Altinbuken
Hello, I'm Deniz Altınbüken. I'm an engineer, data lover, and researcher. Having gotten overwhelmed with the endless updates and incorrect information floating around about SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, I created by own way of keeping track of the latest news on the coronavirus. This page intends to focus on important questions and update the answers as they change, listing sources. It is intended to offer some kind of structure to the crazy flow of information around the coronavirus pandemic.

You can find the latest answers to the important questions under the Corona Questions page. You can find the feed detailing when and how I updated the answers under Corona Updates.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert in virology, sociology, history, politics, medicine. I am good at learning, researching, being inquisitive, and writing. I wanted to share my notes with people in case they find them useful. My notes are intended to be objective, but since I have limited time the updates on this page might miss some important and relevant sources and fail to represent the latest available information.

If you have any feedback, you can e-mail me at